mapping the limits of the soul: the Samoas pt 3

Let’s skip to this afternoon.

Tutuila in the sunset, with rain falling upon her, her peaks marching backward into shadow, golden light playing on the waves.

Come with me, I shall show you a land where pirate dreams come true, castaways become kings of coconut coves.

Today we swam ashore to a waterfall of bouncing water droplets cascading down the rocks. I want to run away from home and hide here forever!! But my bed calls me from such escapes back to the fluffy realities of this life.

But I shall sleep in this fluffiness and dream of the freedom I know in my dreams as the barefoot hermit ruler of pebbled bays, black cliffs, swirling seacaves, and coconut palms upon the heights!!

Enjoy a picture of Never-Never Land!


~ by maoctopus on April 5, 2012.

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