Mapping the limits of the soul: southern hemisphere home as a shellback!!

S 08 49.480′ W 172 43.133′

O Southern Cross, O clover of phosphorus! – Pablo Neruda

Sounds so pretty!! What does it mean??

It means I am home to my beloved Southern Hemisphere!!

The past few days have been taken up with initiation into the Ancient Order of the Deep. Now I am a shellback!! Tonight, after some more stuff, I guess, I will become a Golden Shellback!!

I cannot tell anyone exactly what has happened over the past few days, but it was an interesting experience!! Some of it sucked, I won’t lie. But some of it was the most fun I have had in a long time!! Think scary tactile maze with waterboarding while doing yoga!!

I also have a new tattoo!! See below:

I sang a song in front of a crowd of people for the first time ever the other day!! It went badly; I forgot the chords almost immediately and so just played random chords!! I do like the words though, and I’m going to post them here so I never forget them or the first time I sang for people!! The song is called The Microbial Biologist Traverses the Tropical Seas. It is a bit of an autobiography (sorry for the vanity!!), and is a reworking of JK Rowling and Farooq Azam that I posted before, just these words are complete…Enjoy!

“The Microbial Biologist Traverses the Tropical Seas”

Every litre of sediment

contains 5000 viruses

I wonder, do they ever feel alone?

And I wonder just where you went:

seeking cell walls to circumvent,

or were you just looking for a home?

Where do you go?

Where did you go?

If you were a virus baby,

then I’d be your host


I’m surrounded by eels again

And man, they’re closing in!

I mean no harm to them

but they don’t know.

Where do they go?

Where do they go?

How does an evil creature

find someone to love?


The world gave me a bouquet

of some luscious CCA

It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve found

even with these mantas wandering around.

Where do they go?

Where do they go?

Do they arrive in time,

flying so slow?



~ by maoctopus on March 20, 2012.

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