Mapping the limits of the soul: Knocking on heaven’s door on the fantail

Aaaiieee Aaaaiiieee yeah! Dance in the Axel Rose corkscrew hip gyrations! Each word is a high-pitched exorcism drawn from you through the power of the music…

Today looked like it was going to be just another transit day, with all the small-scale adventures they are made of.

But things got cooking in the afternoon!!

Let’s fast-forward past the morning that was mainly composed of snooze, some yoghurt, and a whole lot of wandering around (one of my favourite things to do, but not so entertaining to the observing eye!!).

First of all, at 3.30pm we were scheduled to do some boxing P90X style in the bow. But as we headed up there, we heard a strange rumour; that there was going to be some kind of gun demonstration! Ooooooo.

So we loitered.

And soon nuff, this big dude came out packing this huge potato gun thing that shoots lines to other boats etc. Here is a picture, that I would like to dedicate to Bruce Willis in particular, and to America in general:

Then he shot some line over the side. It went a long way. If I was another boat over there, I would be happy, and thank America. And Bruce Willis, too!

Then we heard that they were going to be shooting off flares!! Yahoo Buckaroo!

We trooped up to the bridge to shoot some off, it was an all-inclusive shootin’-shit-off jamboree!! But then a squall came in, and the day went from really amazingly hot and humid and sunny to cold as a fridge.

I came down to box, thinking the rain had cancelled the flare thing, missed the flare shootin’, rediscovered that boxing awakens bad subconscious memories of violence in me, so left that too.

When I came back inside, it was to find that in 10 minutes they (Chip, Danny, Noah etc) were going to be serving sashimi of a blue fin tuna they caught yesterday on the fantail (I guess the fantail is a bit like a downtown on the ship!). Apparently you need to leave the tuna fillets overnight to soften?

I wandered over (having reverted back to the morning’s theme) and watched it all go down. Everybody was eating blue fin and an ono (some kind of giant mackerel/barracuda thing?) with soy sauce and wasabi. People are going to hate me for this, but right at the end I tried it, mastering my usual revulsion at seafood. It was awesome.

I make no ‘we caught and kiled the fish, no factory farming cruelty was involved’ excuses. There was plenty of cruelty involved; a fish was torn, on the end of a hook and line, from its habitat, to flail around suffocating before its head was caved in with a hammer. But I tried it anyway. I am sorry to the fish. I knew I would be ahead of time…

The other Ben opened up the Barracuda’s stomach. Inside was a tiny little mackeral (whole) and a big ass fish in halves. The barracuda had hit it, bitten it in half and then eaten the two halves. It was pretty wild to see! And there were parasites all over the place!! eeww!

Then I went back to work. Until I heard the sound of guitar and ukulele coming from the fantail (again!). I grabbed my mandolin and headed down for a jam!! My first of the cruise (I get shy about my inability to play instruments)!! We played Knocking on Heaven’s Door, and man, was it fun!! I was bouncing all over with happiness! We did G’n’R version vocals. The instruments meshed soooo nice!! It was like dancing, those moments when everything just fits right. I dug it very much!!

Then I got my didgeridoo, Ben borrowed my mandolin and we retreated to the bow for the sunset. The sunset was lovely, and we played some funky didge-mandolin songs up there too!! Such fun!

Tomorrow we wake to wonderland and spend the day diving Howland. Hopefully we still have internet tomorrow night so I can share some pictures with you!!

If we do lose the innertubes, I would like to thank you for joining me on the journey so far; it has been a joy and a privilege to share this voyage with you!!

My love to you all until we surface!

PS it is looking more and more like I fractured my ankle, but in a few weeks it will be all healed – that is the best thing about hurting bones: they heal in only six weeks, and they heal nicely, you just need to wait while they do their magic!!



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