Mapping the limits of the soul: Moving right along

N 13 degrees 48.947′ W 170 degrees 58.941′

Not much going on really.

Today was our first full day of transiting to Howland from Johnston.

Yesterday was a day of sleep; I slept from breakfast to lunch and then from lunch to dinner.

I heard a phrase the other day that seemingly covers it: sleep until you are hungry, eat until you are sleepy.

Except it doesn’t cover it at all; the day of sleep was brought on by a 22hr work day yesterday, including 4 dives, with only 6 hours of sleep going in. I love to work, but this one really knocked it out of me!

Today is a day of ‘please don’t get seasick’ as we roll round in the biggest swells we have seen yet. The picture doesn’t capture it, but here it is anyways:

Lunch calls; I hope it stays down!



~ by maoctopus on March 7, 2012.

One Response to “Mapping the limits of the soul: Moving right along”

  1. sounds like you are having a blast ben. hope we can do a cruise together again soon

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