Mapping the limits of the soul: ride the line of balance and hold on by just a thread


Today was another awesome day out here!!

The seas continue to rise. It is becoming more and more fun to poke around in the little boat. And you have never felt alive until you have been picked up by crane from 14 foot seas in a baby boat!!

You come along side, needing the succour of the mothership, a dangerous and possibly abusive mother at that time, hoping the cox’n times everything right, no one loses their hand in the hooks, and you can rise out of the swells that come barreling and breaking down the side of the ship as she does a power slide to give you some slick water in her lee!

We dove the most beautiful place yet, called affectionately JOH11. Here is a picture of me conscientiously vacuuming microbial samples from the reef, while maintaining immaculate revolutionary style (POW!):

And here is a pic that gives a hint of how awesome this place is:

On the way back from this paradise, we were pounding into 14 foot mountains of water. I got that old manic devil back; when things get rough, I want to play with the ocean!! When the ocean gets frisky, I want to roll deeper and harder into her waves! I rise with her spirits, without regard to personal safety! What could ever go wrong?! I was laughing and jumping and exhilarated. To ride the line of balance is truly an art and an adventure!

Tonight, it all came crashing down in a heap. The filtration system didn’t work. The tangental flow filter didn’t work. The slides were a mess. The nutrient samples wouldn’t flow. Grrr. I kept plugging away, sustained by a thousand cookies, and a dogged and doomed stubborn persistence. Now the cookies are gone and it is time for bed. Tomorrow, I will try again to make all of this work!

The Hi’ialakai heaves.


~ by maoctopus on March 5, 2012.

One Response to “Mapping the limits of the soul: ride the line of balance and hold on by just a thread”

  1. Haha awesome buddy! So jealous, I had my first TFF experience last week and was a semi-success?? Enjoy mate!

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