Mapping the limits of the soul 9: On The Verge of the Great Forgetting

N 18 degrees 31.995′ W 165 degrees 06.004′

Holla folks!

Today the signs were strong that I was on the verge of the Great Forgetting that marks me on each cruise!

I encountered a whole new restroom (I hate how they call them a ‘head’). It had automatic sensor-type taps and soap dispenser. It seems stupid now, but it blew my mind for a little while there. I was going to take a photo of it. I have been back since. It is just a normal sensor-type tap and soap dispenser. The magic has gone from that place, on to other areas of the ship, I am sure!!

It reminds me of something my friend Elliot said once, “Ben, I think you are on a permanent mission to blow your own mind”. He was right. But this tap, man, it was wild!

This is what happens to me on cruises. My brain is particularly efficient at screening out unimportant details and events, including memories. ‘Robin Hood with his memories in a trunk’ goes the Bob Dylan lyric. My brain is a much more efficient and wiling packer than me, and soon enough all the unnecessary stuff is stored away in the attic of my mind until such a time as it becomes pertinent again.

Tapgate signals that my brain is already packing.

I was playing my mandolin on the back deck early this afternoon. I was reconfirming the pentatonic C scale, when someone yelled out “what is that wonderful music” as I launched into the tune Curvas Peligrosas! I was blushing, all swollen up with pride!! Soon Carmen shall bring his guitar, Chip his banjo, and I shall find some sticks for this bucket. Hillbilly rock and roll! Yahoo Buckaroo!!

Later this afternoon, the sun came out and the sea was a blue I have never seen it before. A blue that knew itself and had a plan. The blue of an ocean that had not known sand for a long time. I took a picture:

This evening, heading into a squall on the horizon, everything got still and peaceful. We hung out on the bow. Then we hit the front; it was like walking into a freezer! Tonight shall be rocky! Oh how I love the sea!!

The Pacific comes towards me bearing an amphora of amnesia: embrace the Great Forgetting, and cruise on.


~ by maoctopus on February 29, 2012.

One Response to “Mapping the limits of the soul 9: On The Verge of the Great Forgetting”

  1. I love that blue

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