Mapping the limits of the soul 8: Feeling Frisky on the Way to Johnston Atoll


Today, the seasick meds have finally worn off, and I am back to my frisky little bright-eyed, bushy-tailed self!

I even finished a paper review I had been putting off through snooze for a few days!

Today, in an act of overt imperialism, I even installed my toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss in the state room bathroom cabinet! Dangerous times to be alive!! Dental products as pawns of power!!

I am also in the midst of laying down the law! Rebellion and governance, all at once!! I will not be engaging in any sweets before dinner. No more maple syrup down-south-homage breakfasts, no more just a little morsel of coffee cake after lunch! Oh no! Shit is getting real! And faeries of sweetness, enabling mother of my sugared demise, abandon me, leave me to this bitter fate of the shrinking waist!

My ankle continues to heal, after a week of solid sprained pain. It is my hope that by the time we reach Johnston Atoll at midnight in Thursday, it will be all healed! Otherwise, this might be a time for some zip ties, tape and throwing me in with one fin!

We will be on Johnston for 5 days. The true glorious splendour of this trip is really starting to sink in!

They had me at two pillows. At a nice big bed. At maple syrup breakfasts and cornbread lunches. I was the happiest boy alive just rolling around this big ol’ ocean all snoozed and fed! But now, glory of all glories, we will be adding weeks in paradise to the mix! I, like magnesium, might just burst into flames if this keeps up!! One man cannot be expected to internalise all this lusciousness, this wonder, this transcendental joy!! That is the challenge of my times; if I were struck down by the plague a second from now, all this would have been worth it: I AM the one with the most fortune!! I am out of words for this feeling!! The little man is running around inside my head, banging gongs, bouncing bouncing bouncing he never runs out of energy; he is about to take flight!! Little man calm down! Oh no, you can’t stop this now! And even if it did all stop, the explosion of energy would be felt as cosmic radiation for eons, coz of the laws of thermodynamics!

That is how it feels to be me.

Last night we passed the point of no-easy-rescue. Apparently helicopters can fly 170 miles to come rescue sunk sailors. We passed 220 miles from land (Oahu) at about 5am. So now, despite the Coast Guard flying planes over us every hour or so to check that we are still wandering along, if we ditch, then it is up to somebody to come save us in a ship!! I am told that we will be in the life rafts for at least 24 hours. And we are headed even further away from help!! Johnston is something like 1050 miles from Hawai’i, so at 500 miles away from each, we will be as remote as possible on this leg. 500 miles is a long way in an ickle boat. How long until we start sizing up the best person to eat? I have seen prawns; I know what happens in these situations!!

Here is a picture of the lab I set up:

Damn, how I love that bee’s style!! He gets around, all frisky, all the time!!




~ by maoctopus on February 29, 2012.

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