Mapping the limits of the soul 6: Where the Pavement Turns to Sand

Yesterday, we left slipped our lines and headed off!

Off to the fuel place! Where we fueled for a really long time! Due a night of over-zealous partying, with the accompanying lack of sleep and hang over, I used the refuel time to sleep.

Then around 3pm we finally nosed our way out to sea!!

It was finally adios to the rainbow state!! Hawaii is the place where rainbows come to vacation. They are everywhere, all the time. It is AMAZING to the rainbow luvvin’ hippy like me!! Hell, everybody loves rainbows; it is amazing to everybody!!

Here is a photo (it is much smaller than I was thinking it would be?) I took from the bow when we were right on the verge of the deep water looking back towards Pearl Harbor, a place I have come to call ‘where the pavement turns to sand’ after the Neil Young line. Please do not use this for purposes against national security. You know who you are, terrorists, ruining the fun for everyone!

We were advised that soon we could expect to be in some heavy weather, so I took some seasickness meds just in case. I did not really surface from my cot except for meals until today, when I realised that they were making me sleepy! I got something like 36 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period! The sailor’s life indeed!!

The other 12 hours feel like I spent them reading Harry Potter! I also set up the lab that is to be my working home for the next 6 weeks; speakers included! Ecco the Jamz!! I got a speaker set with a wooden sub-woofer! What does this even mean?? I am pretty pumped on it, even though I don’t know why it is so good!! Johnny Clegg, Otis Redding and Miike Snow have been blasted out so far, with minimal distortion! I likes my lab music loud, but I needs my music clear!

We started to steam steadily WSW, away from the islands, away from everything but the deepest blue.


~ by maoctopus on February 29, 2012.

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