Mapping the limits of the soul 4: Waikiki Jollibee!

Today as I was shopping down at the Ala Moana Mall here in Waikiki, the first thing I saw as I entered the place stopped my in my tracks.

It was a Jollibee!!

I haven’t seen a Jollibee since I was in Brunei in the mid-90s!! There was one in the basement of Yoahan’s Department Store. It was one of the first and only ‘fast food’ type places in the country. It was really terrible. Once I ordered the spaghetti (do NOT do this!), and the spaghetti wa cold with hot sauce on top that had lots (!) of fragments of chicken bones in it! It was a period of adjustment, fine tuning of the fast food concept. It is interesting to see how things that seem to us in the West to have been permanent social fixtures (imagine being a ska kid without a Denny’s! would there have even been ska without it?) have to be learned when the corporate thin-end-of-the-wedge of American cultural imperialism fast food stores come to town. I remember life in Brunei changed overnight when MacDonalds arrived.

The whole mall seemed to really be about tourist dollars. There are free buses to and from the mall. The place was heaving! Surprisingly, the major tourism in Waikiki (at least what I have seen of it) is not mainland American Haoles like me, but seems to be Japanese. And man, I have never seen visitors cashed up like this!

I guess this might be one of the first times in my life that I have spent time in a tourist, rather than traveller, mecca?

This line of thought put me in the mindset to snap off this photo:

More shops indeed. Nameless, faceless, of unknown purpose. But give me more shops!

Whimsical now?


~ by maoctopus on February 25, 2012.

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