Mapping the edges of the soul: Day 1 Honolulu

One of the main points in the coming weeks is to write a song. An Epic multi-instrumental ballad or something like that!

The idea is to then find a largish group of people (eg the captive crew of a ship) and have them each sing the various instruments, just like when we were little and sang in choirs, each section with different parts, cannons etc!! We could then orchestrate the whole proceeding, making the rendition of the song into a living thing!! Imagine the parts building, filling and swirling like a living, breathing organism!!

Today I landed in Hawaii. Immediately I felt at home. It was the essence of the tropics!! The wet air, the passing light showers, the barely perceptible rotting of wood, the smudges of mildew on the buildings, the pavements cracked from moisture, the open drainage ditches.

I really wanted this (below) to be the summation of Hawaii. I always hope to see the moment that the decline of western civilization is not covering its tracks, and for one fleeting second, we see the end result of all this corruption and decadence. That a cruise ship would be our last escape, fleeing the coming apocalpse fortold by the clouds and waves!

When I first went up to the Hollywood sign, I walked around the back of it. I hoped that the back of the letters would have been grafittied, as a telling counterpoint to the false virginal white of its public countenance! It was plain.

So it has happened again; I wanted the photo above, but it is the first, deeply honest picture I took in Hawaii that is the image to summarise this place for me:

I do not believe that I could tell, based on the image alone, whether this photo was taken in Northern Australia, Fiji, or Brunei. It is the tropics that resound here; first world, third world are irrelevant! The tropics are just home!!

The song I am trying to build came to me after this realisation! Home is rain, the setting sun, the hint of a change in the weather to come! We can never be alone, and we can never be far from home; the world embraces us with its bounty!!

Let’s dance to this new song!!

(metaphorically now, literally in a couple of months)


~ by maoctopus on February 22, 2012.

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