Scratches of Song 1: Polar Bears and Damselfish

Hey Y’all!

I tire of forgetting all my ickle songs, so now I shall post them online!!

As part of my partial forgetting process, I have forgotten the words to most of the songs I shall post here!

Let’s collaborate in making the songs whole again! Let’s rewrite them together, making a future we can all participate in!!

Creative Emancipation League is live!!

Enjoy Polar Bears and Damselfish!! Once it had seals, polar bears, souls drifting the polar ice, damselfish, sea dreams, camp fires, dancing (I wrote it on a very cold Arctic cruise in the pack ice, freezing and dreaming of tropical warmth); let’s let it live again!!

Polar Bears and Damselfish


~ by maoctopus on February 14, 2012.

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