Keeping the Streets Clean of Crime: A Current-Day Californian Drug Story

Today I needed some weed.

No biggie.

Around here, we state-registered invalids have medical marijuana cards. It helps with the pain. Of the lower back. Of the broken heart.

So I went down, on this glorious wintery Southern California day, to my local dispensary. A wonderful establishment!

When I arrived, I knew something had indeed gone awry. The magazines out the front were trashed. There was a new security gate. There was an air of unwillful absence and neglect. The gate was very closed.

I called the dispensary’s number. A guy said he would come down and speak with me about deliveries. Hmmm.

The dude was friendly. He took my card and went and checked that I was a registered invalid, in the system as it were. A legal.

He answered my questions about the quasi-closure of the store, and other concerning rumours and trends muttered among the stoner community.

The rumours were right. San Diego county has passed legislation banning medical marijuana dispensaries from having storefronts, places you walk into off the street and get weed. Now it is all to be ‘deliveries’. No store front, just deliveries.

Sounds a lot like no brothels, just call girls.

I think we all know where this goes- back to crime.

Usually, deliveries are done in a parked car. You get in, medicine is dispensed, you get out of the car. All legal, as long as it happens on the street and not in a storefront!

So I found myself standing on a busy corner, pedestrians everywhere, handing a guy some money, him handing me a receipt and an 1/8th ounce of legal weed. The whole time we were both acting like upright citizens. Nothing illegal here. I mean, I got a receipt, this must be legit!



~ by maoctopus on December 10, 2011.

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