update from Anchorage AK


I took a couple photos on the way up here that I would like to share.

But first, in keeping with my penchant for geographically topical soundtracks to my personal story, I would like to share Anchorage by Michelle Shocked, from the album Short Sharp Shocked. Enjoy!

On the way up here, during the leg where I had a window seat, we flew over what I think might have been the Cascades in Oregon. Oregon was so beautiful, it blew my mind.

Check this (admittedly bad) image of a still calm pool in the caldera of an old volcano. With snow. With a cheeky little island in the middle. With reflections. Wow!

What do you do with that?

But while I love Oregon’s style, man Alaska left everything I have ever seen in my life (aside from tropical systems, that’s a given) way the hell behind!

I saw glaciers!! I saw cuhrayzeee mountains covered in snow, rivers like you wouldn’t believe. Oh how the lack of window seat has cost me now – no photos were taken!

PS- I always had thought that Palin was pretending with her ‘folksy’ accent. While I still think she was playing it up, it turns out that everybody speaks like that here. Why do we travel? To find weirdness around every corner!!




~ by maoctopus on June 22, 2011.

One Response to “update from Anchorage AK”

  1. That lake is Crater Lake and the island is Wizard Island. Míchel and I drove up there in 2003. It is really pretty from the ground, too.

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