equal rights and justice

If the world was fair, I would have posted this a long time ago!! I guess the time has come when it can no longer be denied (despite its monotonous, stoned reggae beat)!!

This song has done so much to influence my views, and to me, it resonates with the power of deep truth.

Everybody wants to be Bob Marley to some degree (who wouldn’t want to be such a soulful, joyful, and tsunami of positivity?!); few want to be Peter Tosh, the talented, somewhat overlooked Wailer.

However, I see now that I am more of a Peter Tosh than a Bob Marley.

While Bob was undermining the towers of Babylon with his amazing unique unstoppable hope, soul and charisma, and Jimmy Cliff was chanting Babylon down, Peter Tosh was stockpiling weapons and moving to blow it up. I am sure all three are truly great people, but where the others wanted to overcome Babylon, the symbol of oppression, Peter just wanted to destroy it.

He also cuts right to the heart of the matter. It isn’t that we have conflict because we don’t have enough peace. We have conflict because we have unresolved issues such as ingrained and inherited inequality. This is a perfect example of how fighting something with its ‘opposite’ is pointless and merely reveals the stupidity of this polar view of abstracts we picked up somewhere. Peace is not the opposite of war or conflict. It is the absence of it.

Thank you Peter!

But sadly, the ‘crying’ part of ‘crying with a raised fist’ comes into this one too, although the raised fist is much more obvious. Peter Tosh never got his equal rights, nor justice (neither did the world), and so he never got peace.


~ by maoctopus on June 15, 2011.

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