A lesson I learnt from Terry Goodkind

Bridget Regan is pretty, there is no doubt.

Most of us know of her from the series Legend of the Seeker, written by this man, Terry Goodkind, who aside from being definatively not-pretty, is kind of an evil monster-douche.

I guess, looking at this image in retrospect, that this is a self-evident fact!

But he taught me a very important lesson: when looking to buy a work of fantastic fiction, do a search first of the author’s name and Ayn Rand.

If you get any hits that suggest some kind of positive relationship between the author and Ayn Rand, as is the case here, move on.

Although the story in the first book that the ‘Legend of the Seeker’ series is based upon (Wizard’s First Rule) is very enjoyable to read, it is ideologically confusing to any but the most right wing of libertarians!

I found myself empathizing with the ‘bad’ guy, who seemed to have built quite a nice communal society.

I thought Terry was trying to make me see that everybody has redeeming qualities. Now I see that he was trying to describe a society gone wrong. How different our thoughts on that!

He was further trying to explicitly suggest to me that people tend to have stupid herd mentalities that we, the chosen few, must rise above to succeed and rule. As ever, success makes the hero a totalitarian ruler, but strangely within a Randian context. Weird.

I think this really emphasizes how right wing libertarian folks want a lack of rule only to remove inhibitions to their own ascent to power, after which totalitarianism is seemingly fine by them. What a bunch of assholes!

It is also strange to assume that you can get ideological traction through a fantasy novel. Does any traction thus gained not seem a little unreal? Do you really want people who follow the ideologies of fantasy novels as supporters? L Ron Hubbard had the sense to explicitly avoid confounding his works of literary fiction with his works of religious fiction, or so he said! Terry Goodkind, not so.

To recap:

author’s name + Ayn Rand = positive: bad

author’s name + almost any other author = positive: better

author’s name + Ayn Rand = negative: best

I guess what I am trying to say is, right wing libertarians/anarchists are a bunch of monster-douches who want to subjugate you to their egos while they preach freedom.

Is that something you want to condone?


~ by maoctopus on May 24, 2011.

One Response to “A lesson I learnt from Terry Goodkind”

  1. I never read the books, but absolutely LOVE the TV adaptation Legend of the Seeker. I saw the first season as it was broadcast and am catching up on season two on Netflix now. Last night I goggled the author and was shocked and heartbroken to find out he’s a libertarian. I dunno how bad i is in the books, but in the TV show, it is probably toned down — instead of coming across Randian, it actually makes all the characters more complex than I keep expecting and the moral ambiguity is pretty much a constant. The thing is, that ambiguity is thematized and made center stage, so it doesn’t seem like subtle indoctrination so much as a forthright attempt to deal with the complexities of human nature. Cool blog by the way — you could be me in a parallel universe!

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