crying with a raised fist: somewhere over the rainbow

I know that this one might seem like an odd choice for the series, but it does fit.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, reinforced by What a Wonderful World, shows the idyllic genius of Israel Kamakawiwoʻole, Hawaiian superstar.

I don’t know if it is readily apparent by now, but I have very idealistic ideals. Ridiculously fanciful even. Fanciful and out of step with the majority of people. As a result of this incompatibility, I often find myself in conversations with people questioning my beliefs. I think this is a good thing, and in accord with my beliefs. But sometimes people forget their manners in what turns out to be an effort to stomp out belief systems different from their own and the norm. The problem is that my ideals (also) are bound up in my identity, they are part of what personally defines me as a person! So on the occasion that people are not respectful and people forget their manners when discussing ideologies with me, they are being rude to me, personally. I think that most people who dream of alternative societal states will have experienced this quite a few times before. And it sucks, because the rude people have all the advantages of representing the current system; why do they then have to be rude?

That is where this song comes in! When I think on the times I have been savaged for my beliefs, this song is how I feel, and what makes me hope to move on. I cannot seem to forgive those who were rude to me, but this song helps me hope that one day we will wake in a world where all those people, who’s intellectual limitations have stifled their imaginations, who cannot imagine a change in the status quo, or a possible reality different to the current, default one, have all left. And the future belongs to the dreamers, as ridiculous and fanciful as that sounds. Somewhere over the rainbow…

~ by maoctopus on May 23, 2011.

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