Overcoming large hills on the bike using DragonForce!!

DragonForce 2012!!

I don’t know where these guys get this stuff, but it is all gold!!
The highest energy live performance I have ever seen!!:

So much slow-motion hair!!:

And my personal favorite, Where Dragons Rule! The sorrow of having tried to fight off the onslaught of oppression only to be subjected to the draconian rule of harsh, fantastic creatures would be a hard burden to bear, and you can hear the real pain in the vocals. This rules!!

Sing along with me: ‘this land we have defended from all things dark and cruel, but now we are defenseless in a land where dragons rule’!
Up the hill we ride, dragons couldn’t overpower DragonForce (did they?), so ain’t no hill gunna stop me now!!


~ by maoctopus on May 6, 2011.

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