how to make your tofu yummy again!

Alas, right or wrong,  to be vegan is to eat tofu.

I think we have all been subjected to terrible tofu at one time or another. It sucks. It is enough to make a strong man weep. Enough to make you give up on tofu forever, and just waste away in a seemingly proteinless desert I call the Vegan Badlands.*

But those days are over! Hope returns!

Tofu can be flavorful and texturally enjoyable!

There is a simple little trick that can make a harmonious, humane future yours: freeze your tofu.

That’s it!

When you get home from the store, put your tofu in the freezer. Defrost and drain it before use. Normally tofu is somewhat crumbly, so if you squeeze it (always, always, always squeeze the liquid out of a block of tofu before use, unless you don’t mind your food being laced with nastiness!!), it falls apart, through your fingers etc. A defrosted block of tofu is more like squeezing a kitchen sponge; a total structural change has occurred!

Frozen/defrosted tofu is tastier, squishier, chewier, and more porous, while being less rubbery, chalky, and plain nasty than before freezing. It also takes up and holds flavors a lot more readily.

In short tofu goes from the mundane to the sublime with a little freezer time.

Recommended usage: after defrosting and squeezing your tofu, cut it into chunks and then fry, making it crispy all over, adding some soy sauce and vinegar as you go. Then mix with rice, kimchi and a juicy green (eg lettuce, cabbage etc). You won’t regret it!

Isn’t that a nice change?

* whatever people say, tofu is NOT the be all and end all of protein for the vegan. the world is awash with protein! there is a profligate diversity of legumes and seeds to munch! vegetables too! i think we need to relax a little on this protein fixation, and just eat some spinach from time to time!!


~ by maoctopus on May 5, 2011.

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