crying with a raised fist: Creedence

Creedence Clearwater Revival doesn’t get anywhere enough respect!
Here are two of the best songs to ever convey the feeling of alienation from normal folks due to ideology.
The first, Wrote a Song for Everyone, covers the familiar disconnect between humans and humanity: ‘I wrote a song for everyone when I couldn’t even talk to you’. How easy it is to love the faceless masses of humanity, and to feel remote from any one actual human!! What a gulf full of tears!! The song has hope when everything is wrong, when people cannot seem to imagine a path to righteousness, and so it will be my guardian.

Next is a song called Wish I Could (Hideaway), that takes a more personal approach. I think we all feel this song every now and then, with a creeping feeling of rootlessness and dispair, when unconsciousness is preferable to feeling. And it has rocking organ to boot!!

sniffles, M


~ by maoctopus on April 25, 2011.

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