Back to the Lab: oil and gluten-free cookiez/cooking

This was bitter, cookieless, lesson to learn!!

When making a luscious gluten free vegan cookie dough, eg for fluffy luscious, do not try to bind your dough entirely with oil, like normals do.

It does not work. When you cook your luscitos, they seem to dehydrate and fragment into sandstone bricks that soon degrade further into sand.

And who wants to eat sand??

I wonder if this might be a topic for culinary geologists to investigate.

Instead, add some water to the mix! It will make a gluey goo that will make your flax seeds bind excellently, as well at tapping the hitherto unknown capacities of gluten free flours to bind in a way that eludes the alienating effects of heat!

Let your doughs become one!!



~ by maoctopus on April 20, 2011.

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