badass: RepRap, the video of the week

It is always nice when, as a scientist, you find out that there are scientists out there doing not only defensible, but actually AWESOME things!!
This is one such moment!!
Far from such morally embarrassing monuments as genetically engineering cows to produce human-like milk, in this instance, peeps have made a 3D printer!!
What does that even mean?? It kind of means a glue gun, without the mess! Inconceivable!!
But wait, it gets even badder-ass-erer!!
This 3D printer is able to ‘print’ off modules of itself; ie this printer is self-replicating technology!! Ecco Terminator X: Rise of the Printer, the future just got xerox-der!
With open source code, and with free production rights, this little bad boy is a straight up leftist innovation! (Whoda thunk pinkos could innovate, when everybody knows capitalism invented and then monopolised innovation, invention, and refinement!?)
So soon, every home will have a little factory in it, making 3D plastic things we all need. Could this be the end of consumption as we know it, with all the stores full of plastic stuff etc? Could this localise design and level playing fields? Could it be a really great time to buy stock in plastic thread producers?
Click here to see more!!

RepRap from Adrian Bowyer on Vimeo.


~ by maoctopus on April 18, 2011.

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