a most effortless crying with a raised fist: the coup

If Nina Simone is the soul of this list, The Coup is the embodiment.
The Coup is the band that released an album on Sept 11, 2001 depicting planes crashing into the World Trade Centers. Albums with that cover art were soon removed from the shelves, and The Coup questioned by the FBI.
With ease born of total honesty and talent they cover it all from the fist to the tears, with a great tenderness and determination for change. They make you want to burn everything down, with a rage born of sorrow and a sense that something is very wrong in the world that can only be cleansed by fire, and replaced by generosity to our fellow creatures.
I can’t help but post a few songs to cover their diversity.
First, a little straight up aggressively revolutionary funky hiphop, Pork and Beef (you may recognize this from the movie Superbad):

The Coup’s masterpiece, a deceptively mellow song with the saddest message. You think it is all cruising, smooth flow, until you listen to the lyrics. Welcome to the tears:

What I think is the best song ever written, this one is what puts The Coup on an equal footing with Nina Simone in my life. Heaven Tonite is soulful, philosophical, and determined to make a positive change. Enjoy!


~ by maoctopus on April 13, 2011.

One Response to “a most effortless crying with a raised fist: the coup”

  1. Seeing The Coup live was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Such great musicians.

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