back to the lab: the underbelly of experimental vegan cooking


It has been DAYS since I saw you last.

Since then, I have been, with some of the coolest peeps, to Death Valley. Death Valley is not what you expect at all; it is so much more!!

I was thinking I’d see dunes for days. Noone told me there were beautiful mountains, volcanic craters, colored sands, waterfalls (yes!!), and snow (yes!!) there!!

Here is a picture taken across Badwater (that was deliciously salty!):

How badass is that??

So, after some successful campfire cooking, it was suggested that I make a segment on all the bad things I do when trying to accomodate my ridiculously impossible gluten-free vegan diet and still stay alive (ie not live in Sprite alone). So here is the first post of Back to the Lab:

Do not add peanut butter to hot chocolate in an attempt to thicken and add protein. It not only ends up as nasty chunks in the bottom, it also ends up as clots in your throat, and a bad taste you cannot get rid of for days.



~ by maoctopus on January 25, 2011.

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