Burning Man tix come on sale soon!:A Billion Bunny March homage

To celebrate, here are two of my favorite pictures from Burning Man, both taken during the most fun event I have ever attended – the Billion Bunny March! Bunnies unify to protest against human oppression. As the placard next to the flaming tuba said, the only good human is a keychain.


The Bunnies were on the move. Nothing could stop us, our path was righteous and our spirit strong. Then out of nowhere came Black Rock City Animal Control, in their red uniforms, and mobile incarcerations. Many bunnies fell prey to their bated carrots, and were wrestled to the ground, tranquilized (with tequila) and tagged (with necklaces). Just when we thought hope was lost, when the monsters arrived. Fur bristling with righteous indignation, they swarmed the Animal Control as the bunnies made their escape. Above we see the showdown between a monster and an oppressor. Below we see the joy of escape, the comradery of the survivors, the universal embrace that is bunniness!

~ by maoctopus on January 15, 2011.

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