fisheries in two graphs

A google search of ‘global fish stocks’ offered these two images among other things.

Fish are really taking a hammering. One quater to 32% of fished species between 1950 and 2003 had been fished to collapse (ie the community is not functional, and not economically fishable)! And it is getting worse. Only ~30% of fisheries might be sustainable in 2003, leading us to a world in the 2040s without fisheries! Imagine that, no more fish to eat in only 30 or so years! People will be doing tours of the oceans looking for this thing called a ‘fish’ like we do now on safaris!

The stocks are super difficult to manage, with inherent limitations on how well we can assess even how big the stocks are (an accurate figure is really necessary for management), lack of knowledge of fish natural histories (eg at what age does a given species begin to reproduce, and how does reproductive ability change with age), as well as stocks straddling national and international jurisdictions.

As the stocks collapse (everything worse than ‘underexploited’ in the above graphs will probably collapse in the next decades, if that far off!), lots of people will have no food, and the oceans will be ghost towns. What a horrible world to inhabit or inherit.

Something for piscivores and cat owners to consider.


~ by maoctopus on January 5, 2011.

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  1. […] >Cyborg Vegan Cannibals has two scary graphs on the precipitous decline of world fisheries. One above and the other at the link. Maybe it’s time to watch Dan Barber’s video again. (Thanks to TrueLoveHealth for sharing the CVC link!) […]

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