tranquilas: the recipe for the beverage of choice!

This is really taking off!!

At Burning Man 2009, Jonty, Shelly, and I invented possibly the best cocktail of all time. Since then, despite a healthy distrust of us prophets of smooth alcoholia, these little bad boy have been doing the rounds. Cowboys and hipsters alike are being converted to the cause!! One sip and the skepticism melts away, and a new apostle shall ye be!!

Tranquilas offer several benefits over other cocktails: they are simple to make and robust, withstanding the fiercest Burning Man dust storm, and taste more delicious as they become desecrated by events. Add dust, it gets an added dimension of flavor. Add cigars, it takes on nuanced tones on the palette. You get the picture! And, as it is all alcohol, you don’t need to worry about hangovers!! (I swear these guys burn clean!). You will wake up dirty, with dust in your ears, sore all over with the burning desert sun, sure. But none of it will be because of the tranquilas, and who doesn’t want to wake up like this anyways?? I have got to get back to the playa!

How to make a tranquila.

A tranquila is a mix of tequila and sangria. The type of tequila seems not to matter, but they work best with Carlos Rossi Sangria, which is awesome as the Rossi is just about the cheapest alcohol out there!

I guess technically you add a shot of tequila to a glass of sangria, but in reality, you add something like 1 inch of tequila to 3-4 inches of sangria in a given flask, then head off to see what the world sends your way! As the night rolls on, the ratios change dependent on drunken states and supplies of the two ingredients. The way I think of it is, pretend you are making a rum and coke to your tastes. Just substitute tequila and sangria respectively.

You can add lime (by throwing half a lime in the drink ala Jonty, or a squeeze of lime juice ala Andy Bunny) to make a Tranquila Limonada. These have their own taste, as well as vitamin C health benefits.




~ by maoctopus on January 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “tranquilas: the recipe for the beverage of choice!”

  1. Hey! I thought a tanquila was tequila and any juice that is citrus. That’s what I have in my book (which is actually my brain.) What’s with this sangria crap… cuz a sangria is wine and OJ. 😐

  2. oh dear!
    i thought that even the original tranquilas were tequila, red wine and those luscious blood oranges y’all had!
    and then further refinement of the technique led to a tequila-sangria mix that has pleased the palettes of thousands!
    i don’t want to alienate my cofounders of the school of tranquila!

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