Anarchist Christmas: google search

Here is a smattering of the riches of the internet on this Xmas day; anarchist christmas!

I much prefer Xmas, it is like Jesus got all punk rock and went straight edge!

There is a list of ethical Xmas presents here including Palestinian Olive Oil!!

Here this (terrifying!!) image came with the text ‘may the system continue its slow death in 2011’. Not a fan of economic recovery it would seem!

And the google image search yeilded these treasures:


It is weird that no one seems to feel that ‘anarchist christmas’ could be expressed by people coming together to enjoy each other’s company in a non-authoritarian, socially-regulated expression of hope and joy not revolving around the expenditure or amassing of capital. Apparently I have to go out and smash something, or talk a whole lot of mindless and stereotypical anarcho-babble.

Which is why I would like to end with this:

It is far more what I am getting at. It comes from what looks like quite a cool blog (a long-faced over-dressed anarchist


~ by maoctopus on December 24, 2010.

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