Hello Everybody!

Today I came across this little gem of a site from one of the random environmental new services I seem to be subscribed to:

It may be old news to y’all, but it is blowing my mind!

It consists of maps (yay!) tracking the sources and stages in the manufacture of all those little things were consume: bananas, ipods etc, with carbon footprints, total distance the components have travelled etc.

When I used to work at Trader Joe’s I would ask people how they felt about their bananas being better traveled than themselves, and they really didn’t seem to care. But here and now they could track it!!

Speaking on bananas: nobody seemed to worry too much about the fact that most people, who shop weekly, buy even numbers of things like bananas (juice packs, salads, Gone Bananas! etc) while their lives are circumscribed by weeks with odd numbers of days. I wonder when those last bananas get consumed, is there a day of juice pack sugar powered mayhem on Saturday, or maybe a weekly panic on Friday when those who bought only four are facing a Gone Banana famine?

Anyways, sourcemap rules!


~ by maoctopus on November 24, 2010.

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