A sad fiesta: Gluten Free Vegan Tofutti Taco Quesadilla Recipe

You know, we came home to SoCal for the saddest of reasons: my wife’s oldest friend, the wonderful Arabian horse Yasmeen (who has terrorized carrot stalls all over Southern California under the alias Neigh Neigh), is dying. We came home to say goodbye. Tomorrow the vet is coming.

If you wish, please contact my wife; I am sure she would appreciate your support!

If Like Water for Chocolate has taught me anything, it is that food is the salve for sorrow. So I would like to offer the following recipe I made today to remind us that joy and pain and belonging and separation are all just different aspects of the same thing: life, love and relations. May our hearts never close.

Vegan Tofutti Tacodillas

The Stuff:

Corn tortillas

Tofutti cream cheeze

salt, pepper etc




some sort of reputable salsa

cilantro (fresh coriander in Australia)


The Method:

Fire your tortillas.

Butter them in pairs on one side each.

Smear some tofutti on one of the unbuttered sides, and sprinkle on some salt and pepper. Me, I kinda pour on the salt.

Lay the other tortilla on top, with the buttered side up. This whole process will remind Australians of making a tofutti jaffle, and people from elsewhere of making a tofutti cheese melt. But this aint nothing but a quesadilla!

Fry the tortillas on both sides of the sandwich, crispy as you want.

Put them on a plate and layer on some avocado slices, some salsa, cilantro and a squeeze of lime right down the center of the tortillas.

Roll them up like a soft taco and eat them while they’re hot!

A picture:

~ by maoctopus on November 23, 2010.

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