GRE Madness!


Ten hours ago I found out that I need to do the GRE some time in the next two weeks, not some time in the next six to eight weeks that I had been expecting.

Being in Australia right now, this is kinda tricky!!

So now I am off to Melbourne late next week to try my luck at GREs!!

If anyone knows any GRE cramming techniques, please let me know!!!



~ by maoctopus on November 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “GRE Madness!”

  1. vocab, vocab, vocab!

  2. thanks Andy, will do!!
    but won’t math count too??

  3. The GRE site did have (in fall 08) online tests/downloadable software. The practice tests were timed, even, which I needed. I was a wreck (Matthew will attest). Grab a Kaplan or Princeton Review book or something at a bookstore, just to get a sense of the question types, phrasing, format, and general annoyingness of the test.

    As to vocab vs. math and what counts, I think it matters what you’re planning to study. My math score was 480–just awful. But my verbal score was 790–crazy high. I’m in a political science program doing qualitative work, so I don’t *need* to be a quantoid. My guess is, Ben, that you’re probably someone who’ll need to know more about his maths than his morphemes. Check out some test-prep books/websites, see how you handle the samples, and go from there.


    • Hi Michel!
      I have followed your advice and spent the day buried in the math section of one of our GRE books (we got the books, just I don’t seem to gotz the time!!), and now my head hurts!!
      I think I need a quantoid implant!!
      Thanks for the advice about the practice tests also, I shall hit them next, once I reassemble what I thought was my brain!!

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