Vegan Pepper Mushroom Carbonara Recipe shall set you Gluten Free

“Time held me green and dying,

though I sang in my chains like the sea.”

– Dylan Thomas

Vegan Pepper Carbonara

what you need:

a big onion, diced

couple cloves of garlic, chopped

a big handful of mushrooms, sliced


a LOT of pepper


large can of evaporated soy ‘milk’ (I have discovered that soymilk fortified with almond meal works equally well, and is available in the US)

sprinkle of random italian-ish spices


luscious vegan gluten-free pasta

The Method:

Fry up all that luscious, wonderous, onions and garlic (kinda optional) and mushrooms. Give ’em hell. With lots of oil. We want all them there flavours to be coming out into the oil, so when we add this goodness to the pasta, all the flavours travel all around. Think frequent flyer miles for flavours! Add a lot of salt and pepper (I am talking paint the pan black with pepper here, it is the main flavour we are going for!).

Meanwhile cook enough pasta for two people (maybe like half of a packet?). Water, salt, oil and 8 minutes. The usual pasta deal.

Then drain the pasta, swapping out water for the delectable mushroom-garlic-onion-salt’n’peppa stuffs.

Put it all back on the heat and immediately add the soymilk goodness. You want to start with pouring enough so it kind of comes up to being visible (like when you make cereal, that kind of level), you can add more later if you desire! Add the italian-ish herbs, probably more salt and pepper and stir it all around. Good things are happening!

Once it all warms up and the flavours fuze, you are good to go!!

Optional extras: semidried tomatoes, a little bit of cinnamon (be careful with this one!!), black olives (an aquired taste kind of like the vegan version of anchovies in the wierd stuff anchovy people put anchovies in), artichoke hearts.

The Payoff: Satisfying those creeping cream cravings (if you have them). Waking up to (and eating) the fact that vegan is not another word for compromised!! You will note that there is not a single green in this dish, so meat eaters won’t notice it is vegan!! Also, this has been approved as almost as good as dairy by my dairivorous wife, so it has a good rep already!!



~ by maoctopus on November 2, 2010.

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