Frijole: the cutest infestation

Below are some pictures of Frijole, the frog who we shared the house with during the last leg of my current experiment.

Every day, when we were bored, which was often after a month of seeing no one, we would check on Frijole and see what was going on. Frijole was never bored. Frijole took the long view. Frijole knew what life was about. (Apparently it is about getting on top of the fry-pan handle and waiting for sweet little bugs to fly by).

Here is Frijole just watching it all go by with his wisened view.

And here is Frijole living up the night life. The apogee of frogliness is to attain the heights of the fry-pan handle.

We would leave the lights on to attract moths for him. When we left, we left the toilet seat up and a window open so he would have bugs and water aplenty.

I know he is out there now, living the high life, chasing moths and love in the laundry and kitchen of our past country home. Still, Frijole will be missed.


~ by maoctopus on October 28, 2010.

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