Sharing some Eduardo Galleano


I love Eduardo Galleano. I would like to share some of his work with you from his book, the Book of Embraces:


“When I was very young, the catechism taught me to do good for the sake of convenience and not to do evil for fear of the consequences. God offered me punishments and rewards: he threatened me with hell and promised me heaven. And I feared and believed.

“Time has gone by. I am neither afraid not a believer. And anyway, it seems to me that if I deserve to be roasted on a spit over a slow, eternal flame, so it will be. That way I’ll escape purgatory, which will be packed with dreadful middle-class tourists, and in the end, justice will be done.

“Frankly, as far as deserving goes, I deserve it. I have never killed anyone, it is true, but for lack of courage or time, not for lack of desire. I don’t go to Mass on Sundays or days of obligation. I have coveted almost all of my neighbor’s women, except for the ugly ones, and thus have desecrated, at least in my heart, the private property that God himself sanctified in Moses’ tables: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, or his ox, or his ass… And to top it all, I have, with premonition and in cold blood, committed the act of love without the noble intention of reproducing the labor force. I am acutely aware that carnal sins are very poorly regarded in heaven, but I suspect that God damns what he does not know.”

Now this is the kind of left-wing that I can support! It is warm, human, intelligent, biting, and hilarious! If there is no love in your soul or laughter in your revolution, count me out.


~ by maoctopus on October 3, 2010.

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