So my love and I have finally decided on our family name!!
We messed around with Quieromare for a while (Quiero: to want, seek, find peace in Mare: the sea), Quiesmare (similar meaning, but sounding less like calamari, which is a big consideration for us and our anti-seafood views!!), but then we also realised that we love the land too!
We love the Sierras, we love redwoods!
And we still love the sea, but I guess not as exclusively anymore.
So we needed a new idea to marry all our loves into one coherent whole.
We tried Sierramare, but there were too many R sounds, and it felt like we just weren’t trying hard enough!! And what is a ‘mountainsea’ anyways? The words were too literal to encapsulate the whole vibe we were going for.
Then we thought of Sequoiamare, which just goes to show how far you can follow a syllabic rhythm, but by now we were starting to realise how long these words were! We love sequoias, we love the sea. With such a name we could really commune with nature’s most majestic moments!!

A Sequoia.

A Mare.

But the length was an issue.
Then we hit the good stuff with Marequoia. It is shorter, has every vowel, isn’t literal, and just kind of feels like home!
So soon, we will become the Marequoia family!!



~ by maoctopus on October 2, 2010.

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