Buckwheat Pancakes, People, Buckwheat Pancakes

Just when you thought hope was gone.

Just as your optimism seemed to have failed you, here we are with the sternest lusciousness to get you through.

I can’t offer health care. Nor compassionate society for humans, let alone other animals. I think they may be a ways off indeed!

But I can offer you buckwheat pancakes!!

They won’t make the world a better place for even a second, but at least they can help you not notice the stench we wallow in for a little while.

They gots no wheat or gluten in their fluffy little bellies, and they gots no blood on their hands. Can any of us say the same?

So how do you construct these little morsels of righteousness, and resurrect that dignity and empathy in us that time and society seem to sap?

First you take some buckwheat flour cut 50/50 with some other flour that will dull the bitter taste of too much luscious buckwheats, say 1 cup. Then you mix into it some ground flaxseed (AKA flaxmeal or Linseedmeal), maybe 1/4 cup? Add a pinch of salt. Then you add enough milk-stuff to make it a gloopy, runny mess. Wait a while, perhaps half and hour or more, and you will see magic happen-magic to stir even the most jaded heart. The flaxseed gums start to come to the party!! They mingle and chat and all of a sudden even the wallflowers have joined the congaline! It is a party good enough to eat. Except, nobody has brought the drugs yet 😦 We need to give this party a few lines of Bicarb Soda and maybe some Baking Flour (the pure Bicarb cut with some other stuff to make the trip last longer). 1/2 tsp of the A-Grade coke, and maybe 1tsp of the crack, and away we go. Mix it all together, give it some time for the levity to start kicking in, but you know with all drugs that the come-down is gunna come. You need to cook that stuff before it hits!!

So all you do is make some pancakes!!

If the batter is too runny, the cakes will have no body, so maybe add some more flour. If it is too thick, you won’t be able to run it around the pan to make them all thin and luscious, so you’ll need to add some more milk.

This should make maybe 6 pancakes?

Now, you will have noticed the lack of sugar. The idea here is to make a pancake that can go both ways. The buckwheat and flax make these little suckers all nutty (prolly the crazy soymilk fanatics would argue the same if they added soymilk, but that is them and this is me). So you can schmear on butter-stuffs and maple syrup, or peanut butter with equally glorious results. Next time, I’m going to be adding bananas and/or blue berries to get all Spring on this!


NB 1 Dec 10: I just found out that Isa Chandra (my personal hero vegan recipista!) down at the Post Punk Kitchen (don’t we all eat there after all, in our souls?) has a recipe for this that is mos def better than the one here: http://www.theppk.com/2007/09/gluten-free-buckwheat-pancakes/


~ by maoctopus on October 2, 2010.

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