List of Culinary Vegetables

Wikipedia Rules!!

I have a hobby of going and looking up fruits and vegetables on Wikipedia just for kix- to see where they come from, how people enjoy them etc.

It seems that damn near ev’ything we eat comes from Iran (Persia for the diehard reactionary monarchists out there) or Afghanistan or thereabouts in that general mishy-mashy country vibe area- apples, pomegranates, need I say more?

But then I just hit the jackpot- Wikipedia has a list of culinary vegetals!!

It kicks off with this note:

‘This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.’

Damn straight I will never be satisfied- not until I gone done eaten every single vegetable in the world, that is!!! Ecco the Vegetable Terrorisor! Maybe I should have the name Vegzilla, not Maoctopus!!

I wanna stomp through fields of kale, leaving sap-smeared and heamorhaging (how do you spell that?) brocollis fearing for their lives! I was given these incisors to rain death upon the luscious chlorophyllous sessile deliciousnesses of plants. Let all hear my name and quake.

I am off to eat some arugula, I needs fresh sap. Maybe I need to invent Plantpyre-ism. True blood move over for the new breed of true sap suckers!!

Wow! That really went off topic!


~ by maoctopus on September 3, 2010.

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