Da Capo

I have been alone (mostly) for a few days now, conducting an experiment on the oxygen demand and metal and nutrient cycling associated with sediments in a house in a country town. Not really in the town though. More next to a water treatment plant above a small town. I have seen people, maybe one person every two days on average- so not alone enough to feel like I a ghost, but definitely alone enough to feel like a bit of a hermit.

Which always brings me back to my philosophical father (thanks to my friend Matthew Livingston), Friedrich Nietzsche, the coolest man with the hardest to spell name!

(Man I love his ferocious and focused stare!)

I always think back on Thus Spake Zarathustra whenever I am alone like this. About the concept encapsulated in the words da capo. From the Top. To take it all and do it again. To have made peace with setbacks in the past, to have made assets of enemies, and to see the upward path found through the pitfalls. I think you need to be alone to start thinking like this, but I find it very valuable.

I think that all anarchists eventually find their way to Nietzsche. He is such a libertarian philosophy. And he is like Durruti with his destruction as a creative force. He believes that truth should be found with a hammer- you attack everything, and only the things that don’t shatter are true. It is nice to find another aspect to anarchism. It is like a family of ideas that holds me at night.


~ by maoctopus on September 3, 2010.

One Response to “Da Capo”

  1. Maoctopus,
    Thanks for your useful recipes. I’m having a vegan dinner party on Saturday & have a couple of questions.

    1.If I dropped the Apple Crumble in the Green Pea Soup would that make it a “Crumble Floater”?

    2. Do you think it would be cool idea to serve multiple ‘Crumble Floats’as a centre piece in a turtle shell, all the guests could dig in & minimize dishes?

    See you soon.

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