Google Search of the Day: Can You House-train Ducks

Contentious question!

There IS one lady out there who says she has clicker trained her duck to only poop in one place in the house. But it does seem a little theoretical. And she seems a little bit like a duck equivalent of a cat lady. Or like the girl at the pet store who told us that ferrets and their constant defecation smell like nachos Doritos.

‘Most ev’ybody else is kind of negatory on the house-duck idea. Lots and lots of mopping, laundry. It seems to be a little like taking a known renegade poop-machine into your home, and setting it loose.

But there is one aspect of this that really got me hooked- there is salvation at hand for all those with house-duck dreams: ducky diapers!!

It is kind of hard to see through this duck’s obviously bruised sense of dignity, but it is indeed wearing a duck diaper!! I feel sorry for this creature, while wanting to snuggle it like crazy!!

But this all started somewhere, back before the age when the duck had its pride, back when all it had was fluffy luscious cuteness!!

This is possibly the CUTEST thing I have EVER seen!!

The usual awesomely cute incongruousness native to a duck now supplemented with a diaper to top it off!!


~ by maoctopus on August 19, 2010.

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