install xp over Windows 7 NB205 netbook


This was really one of the main reasons behind me starting a blog!

We have a Toshiba NB205 netbook. We got it a week after Microsoft pulled the rug out from under XP in their push towards Windows 7, and as such bought a new little computer with a BIG new operating system. Windows 7 REALLY slowed everything down. And none of the native Toshiba drivers worked, so no short cut keys etc. It was a DISASTER!!

So we decided that Windows 7 had to go, and so either XP or Linux had to be installed (the computer is compatible with both). But the netbook has no CD/DVD drive to boot from!

So I bought an external disk drive. Then we tried to install XP using our disk, and it wouldn’t install! It kept coming up with this error message on a blue screen saying how it was shutting down this boot attempt to avoid any further damage to Windows- the same Windows I was trying to destroy!! We were at cross-purposes my netbook and I.

As you can guess, this led to wilder and wilder attempts by me to pave the way for XP. This all culminated in me having formatted my C:, yet still able to install a new operating system because the error message was like a demon always thwarting me from beyond the grave of deletion! No operating system left, and no way in to install a new one; my computer was dead. I always have been a little reactionary…

So to stop anyone else from having to go through this panic and anxiety, I would like to outline what I did to make it all come out OK!

First, you need an external CD-DVD drive that connects by USB.

Second, you need some sort of bootable OS disk.

That’s it!

So you put your CD in your external CD drive (you can do this any time the computer is powering the drive, some people suggest doing this just before shutting down your old OS for the last time- but this is not always possible!). You plug in your CD drive if you haven’t already. You turn on your computer.

As soon as you can see what button to hold down (F2 or F12) to enter boot setup, hold that button down. Don’t relent for one second!

That gets you to the Toshiba boot menu (remember we are dealing with Toshiba stuff here, nothing Windows or Microsoft at all- that took me a while to figure out!).

In the boot menu you go to the boot tab, and set your BIOS from SATA to Compatable using the up and down keys etc. That seems to make it willing to look through the USB port at the external CD drive in a more trusting manner- now it will happily boot from the external drive!!

Install as usual, (ie wiping out all that came before!), and breathe the sweet air of victory!

It is actually really easy! But because I am so bad at technology, it nearly ruined my life for months!


~ by maoctopus on August 15, 2010.

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